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A plastic tree has a much worse ecological balance because of the energy used in production, transport and disposal and at some point ends up as plastic waste. Four out of five plastic firs are imported from the Far East. According to the WDR Wissenschaftsmagazin Quarks, studies show that a natural tree produces around 3.1 kilograms of carbon dioxide, while a plastic fir tree produces 48.3 kilograms of CO2. 10 to 12% of Christmas trees are bought in pots. A new trend is renting a Christmas tree, because not everyone has a forest, garden or balcony at home where the Christmas tree in a pot can then be planted out every year.

We have been offering rental for several years. We use the trees for you and the pots are made in such a way that they can be transported lying down in the car. Our trees only cost between 20 and 100 Euros rent, depending on their size, for up to 8 weeks. There is also a deposit of 10 (small = 10l pot) - 20 (big = 35l pot) Euros. This is refunded when the tree comes back in perfect condition (tip: keep the net for return). We also provide care instructions on what you have to consider so that your tree can get through the winter well. We are sorry, unfortunately no credit cards are accepted.

The Spirit of the Weihnachtsurwald 2023

The Spirit of WeihnachtsUrwald